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Remembering Fong Siew Yin
by Sudha Nair

Fong Siew Yin, 54 is finally at peace. She died at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in the wee hours of this morning, August 24 2017. Siew Yin is not just a name. She was a daughter, a sister to three siblings, and a mother to two children. To me, Siew Yin was a long-time client and I would add, a friend.

Siew Yin was the victim of perhaps the most brutal intimate partner violence that Singapore has ever seen. Old photographs show an attractive woman with long hair and a a vivacious look. But the Siew Yin I first met in 2000 was emaciated, undernourished, blind, toothless, with numerous severe injuries. She was nothing like the woman in the photographs.

Siew Yin had been battered repeatedly by the man she loved and lived with but never married, and he was the father of her children, a daughter and a son. Her injuries showed she suffered the most horrific pain for six years of her life. Her partner was dealt with for what he did to Siew Yin, but he never stopped looking for her, and she had to spend several years in a shelter to stay safe.

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Posted on 13 June 2017

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