An independent body set up by former footballers to help victims of child abuse in the sport claimed the issue is a "global" problem, as they urged clubs to support the fight for justice.

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PAVE applauds China's new domestic violence laws for being inclusive by providing protection to live-in partners as well.

China passes first domestic violence law, gay couples excluded
China's largely rubber stamp parliament on Sunday passed the country's first law against domestic violence, which covers unmarried people who cohabit but does not protect gay couples, a senior lawmaker said.
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Proposed changes to Women's Charter get public approval
The proposal to include protection for live-in partners denied under the amendments to the Women's Charter.
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Widening the definition of Domestic Violence in the Women's Charter

Submission to REACH: Public Consultation on the Review of the Women's Charter

PAVE is fully supportive of the amended changes to the Women's Charter.

However in relation to protection for individual and families experiencing domestic violence, we would like to urge MSF to consider including the coverage for protection to Singaporean citizens who not married but are in an interpersonal violent relationship. They should be accorded the same protection as those who are in a legal relationship by marriage.

Please see paper here. Make a difference today and post your thoughts and comments at the REACH portal HERE before 8 Nov 2015.

Straits Times Newspaper Articles

Extend protection orders to singles
Unmarried women abused by their boyfriend cannot apply for a personal protection order (PPO) from the courts to stop the violence, and social workers hope this will change.
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Daughter won't leave abusive boyfriend
Ben feels so helpless and aggrieved that he cannot do anything to stop his daughter's boyfriend from abusing her.
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