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Dating Violence Awareness Week 2018
Image Source : Domestic Abuse Intervention Program, DAIP

Dating Violence Awareness Week 2018

Date: 7 February 2018 to 14 February 2018
About the event:
Dating Violence Awareness Week (DVAW) is an annual event that falls in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. It is to celebrate healthy relationships and raise awareness about dating violence. This year, the PAVE Youth Team is doing an 8 day photo series to commemorate DVAW. The photo series will depict themes from the Teen Equality Wheel, which identifies facets of respectful relationships. The Teen Equality Wheel stands in contrast to the Teen Power and Control Wheel, which are traits of unhealthy relationships. Throughout this week, you can look forward to a series of posts highlighting aspects of a healthy relationship. Hop on over to our Facebook Page , and feel free to like and share our posts! Let us remind friends, family members, and colleagues about what healthy relationships are all about, especially as we approach and celebrate Valentine’s Day.