Programmes and Services
Groupwork Services

  • Group work services for men who use violence
    This is a 12-week programme that challenges the beliefs of men who use violence. The programme introduces positive alternatives to violence. The group is open to both mandatory and voluntary clients and is co-facilitated by a male-female professional team.

  • Group work for women who experience violence
    This is a 10 week programme that uses an empowerment model to work with women who experience violence. Apart from safety and protection, the programme also looks at gender and socialisation issues and seeks alternative ways to problem-solving.

  • Group work for Children
    This programme helps children to deal with the trauma of experiencing/witnessing violence in their families. Issues of self-esteem and facilitating their capacity to cope more constructively with violent behaviour are explored.

  • Parenting groups
    Post-violence parenting groups are also conducted for those who have completed their individual counselling programmes.