Help Available

Options Available for Persons Who Experience or Use Violence

If you are experiencing violence in your life, there are a couple of options available to you. You may wish to:


    • Violence is a complex issue and individuals using or experiencing it need individual support and access to support services. Seeking help from specialist organisations or family service centres may be helpful especially if you wish to seek information to stop the violence or to enhance your level of safety. For more information on how counselling can be helpful, please click here.

    • Applying For A Protection Order

      If you are experiencing family violence, you may apply for a protection order. The general restraining orders issued by the Family Justice Courts are PPOs and EOs. These orders may be issued by the Family Justice Courts, upon satisfaction on a balance of probabilities that family violence has been committed or is likely to be committed against a family member and that it is necessary for the protection of the family member, to restrain the person against whom the order is made from using family violence against the family member. In addition to the general restraining orders, the court may make such other orders that the court thinks is necessary based on the circumstances of the case. This may include a domestic exclusion order (DEO), an order for exclusive occupation of the shared residence or any part thereof. (Retrieved from here.) You can apply for a Personal Protection Order against a family member. The legal definition of family member is in section 64 of the Women's Charter.

      Under section 64, a family member may be any of the following:
      • Spouse Or Ex-spouse
      • Child, Including An Adopted Child Or Stepchild
      • Parent
      • In-law
      • Sibling

      For application of PPO, please click here.

    • Applying for Protection Against Harassment

      Following the Protection From Harassment Act (POHA) 2014, a range of civil remedies and criminal sanctions are available to better protect people from harassment and related anti-social behaviours. For further information please click here.

    • Making a Magistrate's Complaint

      Any person who wishes to seek redress for an offence punishable by law that they believe has been committed against them can file a Magistrate's Complaint at the State Courts of Singapore. For further information, please visit the State Courts website here.