17 September 2020

Building Healthy Relationships Workshop


17 and 25 September 2020


Zoom Platform



A partnership with My First Skool, PAVE joined their Virtual Parents’ Day to conduct a talk to parents. The talk addressed the parent’s concerns and struggles in managing their children’s behaviours during the Circuit Breaker and Work-From-Home period. In all, 15 families participated in and benefitted from the talk, which focused on positive parenting, and provided practical tips that parents could employ.


  • “I feel refreshed as it was a completely new experience for me as I have not been through a relationship workshop before. Even though I do not plan to date, I would still like to learn as much as I can :)”
  • “I really enjoy this session alot as I get to learn so many new things. I discovered that abuse/ violence is not the way, I expect something similar because I really like this talk.”
  • “I have learnt that neither male nor female have the rights to be violent towards each other. There is no such things as males being more powerful than females. The males have no rights to take control of the females in a relationship, being protective is different than taking control of the person. Violence is definitely a choice not anger management issue.”

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