18 September 2021

International Men’s Day


18 September 2021


Zoom Platform



International men’s day (IMD) is celebrated on 19th November each year. IMD celebrates the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. This year’s theme for IMD is better relationship between men and women, which is aligned with PAVE’s values. In view of this and also to recognize the efforts men put in ending their use of violence and strengthening relationship with their loved ones, PAVE commemorated IMD for the first time; PAVE organized a cards exchange activity and had a soft launch of the men’s conversation.

Cards exchange activity 

The goal of the activity is to get clients to write a card to their partners to (1) thank them, (2) encourage them, and (3) share their hopes for their relationship. Since IDEVAW 2021 was around the corner, both male and female clients were encouraged to write a card to their counterparts. PAVE workers facilitated in sending the cards to the respective recipients. A total of 19 cards were sent out. Please refer to image 1 and 2 for the templates of the cards sent.

Men’s conversation 

A platform for men by men, to discuss on their day-to-day stressors was launched on 19th November 2021 itself. The new post-violence initiative, christened “Men @ Work” aims to promote desistance by helping men who had used violence to create a new and healthy identity for themselves. Six men registered for the programme and three turned up. Despite only half of the registered participants turning up, the conversation had to be extended by almost half-an-hour, as the men were deep in discussion.


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