19 July 2019

Public Service Transformation Star Partner Award


PAVE received the Public Service Transformation Star Partner Award on 19 July 2019 for our collaboration with Legal Aid Bureau (LAB). LAB and PAVE established a referral protocol in June 2016 where LAB is able to refer Applicants facing family violence issues to PAVE and PAVE is able to refer clients who need legal help to LAB. The referral protocol enables the applicants to obtain counselling and other support services such as safety planning which greatly support the work done by LAB. Through PAVE’s assistance in providing such services, the applicant with family violence issues is better able to manage and navigate the court process as well as get help for his/her non-legal needs. As a result of LAB’s collaboration with PAVE, LAB has become increasingly sensitized to the difficulties faced by family violence victims in coming forward. To ensure that as many applicants get the extra-legal help that they need, LAB (with input from PAVE) has developed and implemented a compulsory screening tool on its online case management system to screen applicants who open a family law-related file with LAB for family violence issues and other social issues (such as housing problems, family dysfunction, poverty etc) so that appropriate referrals can be made to PAVE and other agencies such as MSF. We are very proud of the partnership with LAB in continuing to benefit our clients and their families.


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