How Can Counselling Help?

For The Persons Who Abuse
  • Taking accountability for stopping the abuse lies in the hands of those who use violence.
  • Willingness to participate in counselling and other support programmes
  • Learning alternative ways of expressing themselves while ensuring the safety of their loved ones.
  • Forging more positive relationships when the violence ends.
For The Survivors
  • Breaking the secret of violence.
  • Addressing the impact of violence through counselling.
  • Learning how gender socialisation and beliefs can entrap survivors and learning to overcome them.
  • Enhancing their level of safety and developing strategies to cope with the impact of the violence
For The Vulnerable Family Members
  • Vulnerable family members include the children, older adults and family members with physical or mental disability of infirmity.
  • Children who experience or witnesses of abuse carry scars of their experiences into adulthood.
  • They learn how to recognise their feeling, warning signs and emotional regulation skills.
  • When help is provided to the family, it increases access to safety and widens the support network of vulnerable family member(s).