22 June 2022

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2022


15 June 2022


PAVE Facebook and Instagram



World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) takes place on 15 June yearly. This event is recognised by the United Nations General Assembly. The goals are to increase awareness and understanding of elder abuse and develop help-seeking knowledge and behaviours. Elder abuse is described as any action or lack of action that puts the health or well-being of an elderly person at risk.

For this year’s campaign, PAVE raised awareness on WEAAD by distributing three videos on physical abuse, neglect and social isolation as well as two posters on the warning signs and types of elder abuse on our social media platforms. PAVE also partnered with People’s Association (PA) to disseminate the materials with the Community Clubs (CCs) and Residents’ Committees (RCs).

During the period of 13 June to 30 June, our Facebook profile visits increased by 86% and page reach increased by 484% while our Instagram profile visits increased by 6% and page reach increased by 30%.




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